Bra Oops! How to fix a twisted strap Posted on 27 Mar 16:16 , 0 comments

Mistakes happen in bra making but that shouldn’t set you back. Often there is a simple fix. Today I’m going to cover how you can fix a twisted strap. Like this.

You’re so happy that you’ve finished your new bra and are rushing to put it on when OOPS you discover you’ve twisted the strap when attaching it to the back.

Your sweating just thinking about having to unpick this.

And THIS!!! But fear not there is a MUCH easier way of solving this problem than undoing all of your hard work. This can be fixed simply in 5 minutes.

First cut the bar tack that was attaching the strap to the adjustment slider.

Then you’ll need to loosen up the portion of the strap that is still running through the adjustment slider to give yourself the room you need to thread the cut end back through the inside of the slider.

Then you loop it back through the slider the way it originally was.

And now we take it to the sewing machine and sew as close as you can to the slider.

You might not be able to get a zig-zag in there like I did depending on what machine foot you use so a strong straight stitch will also work. This part of the bra gets hidden so all that matters is that it is secure.

Once you’ve done that trim the threads and the extra elastic off.

Now everything is back the way it should be and you’ve only lost about an inch of the bra strap total including the piece I cut off from before. This took about 5 minutes from start to finish to complete.