Fat Quarter Bra Tulle Cream Nylon Non Stretch Cup Lining

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Product Overview

:: Fat Quarter of Non Stretch Nylon Cup and Bridge Lining 
:: 18" x 30"
:: 100% Nylon
:: 38 grams per square meter
:: Mesh Non Stretch Hex Tulle
:: Cream
:: Suitable for cup lining. Sheer but stable. Very little give along the grain. Mechanical give along the cross grain due to the nature of the hex tulle weave
:: Available in continuous yardage.

This is the exact same stuff they use in RTW in your favorite store bought bras. It's is a stable woven hex tulle but has very minimal stretch. By lining your cups with this fabric you can turn almost any fabric into perfectly supporting cup and bra. Don't be limited to boring fabrics or duoplex. I love to use this lining to make all lace bras. It really takes your bra making to the next level. I would pair this lining with our non stretch bridge lining to mimic those RTW lace bras. I wouldn't recommend the tulle for stabilizing the bridge you need the firmer bridge lining for that level of support.

This mesh weighs 38 grams per square meter versus our bra and cup stabilizer linings which weigh ~ 40-45 grams per square meter.