Plunge / Push Up Bra Underwires Sizes 30-58 By The Pair

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Product Overview

:: Plunge / Push Up Style Day Bra Underwires 
:: PET coated steel underwires
:: Round
:: Lower front
:: Style Plunge / Push Up
:: 20 gauge
:: Made in France
:: Sizes 30-58 available / 75-155 metric
:: 15mm grade between wire sizes


These are plunge / push up style underwires for creating very low cut or push up style bras. This is the style of wire you need to create those low cut WONDER BRA style bras. See also our demi cup / balconette bra wires for an slightly higher neckline. Compared to a regular day wear wire these are lower in the front and slightly lower at the arm but the angle from the balance point of the wire to the arm is a steeper angle than a regular round wire. They are 40-50mm shorter than our regular day wear wires and about 18-20mm shorter than our demi cup underwires

Check out our regular wires, vertical, demi, strapless and our RHF1 High Front wires also. We are expanding our line of underwires to help you meet all your fitting needs since no two pair of breasts are exactly right and we understand WHY you make bras.

Due to COVID-19 and hygiene reasons underwires are not returnable. Please refer to underwire sizing charts.

Printable underwire size charts available at

Wire Size Bra Size

30 = 127mm 32A 30B 28C 26D 
32 = 142mm 34A 32B 30C 28D 26DD/E 
34 = 157mm 36A 34B 32C 30D 28DD/E 26DDD/F 
36 = 172mm 38A 36B 34C 32D 30DD/E 28DDD/F 26G/FF 
38 = 187mm 40A 38B 36C 34D 32DD/E 30DDD/F 28G/FF 26H 
40 = 202mm 42A 40B 38C 36D 34DD/E 32DDD/F 30G/FF 28H 26I
42 = 217mm 44A 42B 40C 38D 36DD/E 34DDD/F 32G/FF 30H 28I
44 = 232mm 46A 44B 42C 40D 38DD/E 36DDD/F 34G/FF 32H 30I
46 = 247mm 48A 46B 44C 42D 40DD/E 38DDD/F 36G/FF 34H 32I
48 = 262mm 50A 48B 46C 44D 42DD/E 40DDD/F 38G/FF 36H 34I
50 = 277mm 52A 50B 48C 46D 44DD/E 42DDD/F 40G/FF 38H 36I
52 = 292mm 54A 52B 50C 48D 46DD/E 44DDD/F 42G/FF 40H 38I
54 = 307mm 56A 54B 52C 50D 48DD/E 46DDD/F 44G/FF 42H 40I
56 = 322mm 58A 56B 54C 52D 50DD/E 48DDD/F 46G/FF 44H 42I
58 = 337mm 60A 58B 56C 54D 52DD/E 50DDD/F 48G/FF 46H 44I
60= 322mm 62A 60B 58C 56D 54DD/E 52DDD/F 50G/FF 48H 46I

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