1/4" White Nylon Rings and Sliders DYEABLE By The Set

$ 0.75

:: 1 set of Nylon Rings and Sliders
:: The color is White
:: 1/4" wide
:: Fits 1/4" wide elastic
:: Dyeable with RIT and Acid Dyes. Also Disperse dyes should work

I've done a lot of testing with dying these sliders with acid and RIT dyes. The secret to getting the color that you want is acidity and time. I recommend dying all your notions as usual but once you've taken out your fabric, elastics, channeling and hook and eyes out of the dye bath add more acid (vinegar) to the dye bath. Increase the heat to a slow boil and continue to heat them until they are the shade you desire. It will probably take longer than you want it to. Adding extra dye to the bath at this point helps also. If using RIT sometimes adding salt can help encourage them to take up the dye.

By using this method I've been able to get all the white rings and sliders that I stock to dye evenly. I've switched to stocking only nylon rings and sliders for this reason.

Enough for 1 bras 2 pieces each of Rings and Sliders. Check out our coordinating notions or our bra making kits.